Tips For Dealing With A Toenail That May Fall Off

5 October 2017
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When one of your toes is injured, you'll often see the nail turn purple, then dark purple, and then even a shade close to black. The changing colors can often indicate that your toenail will eventually fall off. While you should plan to see a podiatrist at a location like Affiliated Ankle & Foot Care Center to ensure that nothing is wrong with the toe beyond the injury to the nail, he or she may simply advise you that the nail will soon fall off and another one will grow in its place. Read More …

Questions To Ask Yourself If You Routinely Get Foot Blisters

3 October 2017
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A foot blister can make it challenging to walk, which could force you to cancel any number of activities in which you'd be spending a significant portion of the time on your feet. While developing the odd blister usually isn't anything to concern you, it's an issue if you're repeatedly dealing with blisters. A podiatrist can help, but you don't necessarily need to visit this foot care expert if you get a blister. Read More …

Protecting Your Ankles As A Runner

1 October 2017
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As someone learning to appreciate and enjoy running as a hobby or competitive sport, you probably think about your legs and feet regularly. However, you may not remember your ankles. This can be a painful oversight, as sprains are rather common among those who run often. Luckily, ankle protection isn't terribly difficult; your ankles just need the following consideration.  Consider High Tops You're probably looking at sneakers in a whole new way since you started to run. Read More …

Go To The Podiatrist

29 September 2017
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Many people do not realize just how important their feet are to their overall health. When you stop to think about it feet take impact of every single step that you take, and if there is a small problem in your feet it will often manifest itself in a lot of other types of problems. However, even though you are dealing with pain in your body, it can be difficult to know when you should visit with a podiatrist. Read More …

Don’t Let Winter Stop You In Your Tracks: How To Protect Your Feet And Ankles From The Cold, Winter Weather

27 September 2017
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Winter weather is here, and with it, the increased danger to your feet and ankles. Don't let winter turn into the season where you deal with foot and ankle injuries or pain. You might not realize this, but your risk of foot and ankle problems increase dramatically during the winter. You can reduce your chances of encountering these problems by following the simple methods described below: Choose the Right Shoes Read More …

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