Why You Should Consider Custom Foot Orthotics

Why You Should Consider Custom Foot Orthotics

22 October 2021
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Whether you've been diagnosed with diabetes or you have a joint, bone, muscle, or posture problem, your doctor may suggest that you wear custom foot orthotics for added support and protection. If your orthopedist has suggested that you wear custom foot orthotics, it's important that you follow through and wear them at all times. Here's a look at some of the reasons why you should make sure to wear your orthotics all the time.

Ease Joint Pain And Pressure

Custom foot orthotics will minimize the impact of your feet by distributing your weight evenly across the orthotic support. This can ease the pain and pressure in your joints, which can minimize your discomfort. This is especially beneficial if you have an inflammatory condition that increases pain levels in your joints because of persistent inflammation.

Minimize Lower Back Pain

If you're struggling with joint or mobility problems, you may inadvertently overcompensate, causing a shift in the way that you stand, walk, and distribute your weight. This can cause your lower back to take the brunt of that weight shift, causing pain and discomfort. When you put custom foot orthotics in your shoes, it helps to balance your weight distribution and accounts for any overcompensation to ease your lower back pain.

Protect Your Feet After Diabetes Diagnosis

Diabetics struggle with skin irritation and foot problems, such as blisters and sores that lead to serious infections. If you're looking to reduce the risk of developing complications in your feet from your diabetes, you should pursue and wear your custom foot orthotics. This will help ensure that you reduce friction and irritation on your feet that can cause problematic sores, blisters, and infections.

Account For Arch Issues

Most shoes are made for standard arches, which can be uncomfortable for those without an arch or with a higher-than-average arch in their foot. When you get custom foot orthotics, you can have them crafted precisely to support the arch that you have in your foot, so you won't have to worry about the discomfort of too much arch support or not enough, depending on the structure of your feet.

Custom foot orthotics can provide all sorts of different support and benefits for those struggling with shoe fit, comfort, joint problems, and more. Talk with your orthopedist specialist about custom foot orthotics to see if they can benefit your condition or situation. You may be able to ease your pain, discomfort, and struggles with the right foot orthotics.

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