Two Reasons Why You May Be Experiencing Big Toe Joint Pain

Two Reasons Why You May Be Experiencing Big Toe Joint Pain

15 January 2018
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Although the big toe carries the name "big," it's actually a relatively small member of the total structure of your body. Regardless of how little this toe might be, the pain that it can give off when the joint becomes inflamed can overtake you, making it tough for you to stand up for any length of time. If the discomfort seems to come out of nowhere you are probably racking your brain trying to figure out what's causing it. Take a look at the following information to determine if perhaps one of these scenarios offers a clue to the root of your problem.

When Picking Shoes You Choose Style Over Comfort

Think of your current shoe wardrobe as either containing pieces that are geared toward fashion or comfort. Do you aim for shoes that are made with the utmost in quality, or are you more concerned with making sure that you have shoes to match each one of your ensembles? If you're dealing with big toe joint pain it would be better for you to invest the cash that you would normally spend on several pairs of poorly made but fashionable shoes that only look substantial into a pair of well-made shoes that are versatile enough to match all kinds of outfits.

If you're not able to find these kinds of shoes in the store, don't be afraid to go to a podiatrist and have them made. They will carefully measure your feet so that the shoes are made to your exact specifications. What you should end up with are shoes that not only feel incredible on your feet, but that are also made from the finest materials so they are able to go the distance with you.

The Cartilage May Have Worn Away At The Joint

If your big toe joint pain comes from bad shoes you should be able to change it up and fix the problem rather easily. The situation becomes more intense if the pain is there because the cartilage that separates the joint in your big toe has worn away. In this case, it's best to get over to a podiatrist so they can recommend a tailor-made treatment plan.

Experiencing pain in your big toe could be a signal that it's time to make some changes. Become more conscious of the importance of foot care so that you can enjoy a spring in your step once again.

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